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Frequently Asked Questions


About Our Shades

What's the Warranty?

DIM offers a 3 year no hassle guarantee that your shades will function as they are intended. Check out our warranty here.

What's the Custom Fit Guarantee?

DIM guarantees that your shade will fit the window as intended. In the case it doesn't fit, alterations including shipping both ways are free.

Where are your shades made?

Our shades are manufactured custom fit for your windows here in the United States.

What makes your shades unique?

Our shades are only made out of top tier componentry including mostly metal parts. Zero corners cut here. The shades are also completely cordless. You'll have piece of mind that your loved ones won't get caught in chains, strings, or any other apparatus with DIM.

Placing An Order

How long does it take to make my order?

Generally our factory produces each order within 3-7 business days. From there we ship from two locations in the United States via Fedex Ground for free.

What is the difference between Freestop vs Motorized shades?

Freestop Roller Shades: Manual shades with cord-free operation, allowing you to stop them at any position without cords. User-friendly and safe, especially for households with children and pets.

Motorized Roller Shades: Shades equipped with a motorized system, offering remote or automated control. Ideal for convenience, automation, and a modern aesthetic, especially in smart homes or for hard-to-reach windows.

How do I know which fabric style works best for my space?

Simply order a fabric swatch sample so you can see exactly what coloration and translucence each fabric you are considering looks like in your space.

How do I know which remote control to order?

If you would prefer to have a remote operation for our motorized system vs only using our smart phone app we offer two remote options. One is a 5 channel (controls up to 5 different shades) and one is a 15 channel (controls up to 15 shades).

What's the difference between light filtering and black out fabrics?

Light filtering is just that. The translucent fabric provides privacy but still lets a decent amount of light into the space.

Black-out does not have any level of translucence and perfect for room darkening.

Pro tip: 

Order a sample and hold it up to your window to see the effect in your own space.

How do I know if I should order inside or outside mount?

If your shades will be mounting inside of a window casing you'll want to order inside mount. Keep in mind your shade will arrive 1/4" narrower than the measurement you provide.

If your shades will be mounting above a window frame you'll want to order outside mount. Your shades will arrive in the exact width measurment you provide.

Shipping and Returns

Is Shipping Free?

With DIM, shipping is always fast and free. Keep in mind our window coverings are made custom for you to optimize the best fit possible. Production is typically completed within 3-7 business days. We ship via FEDEX Home shipping and depending on where you live shipping usually takes between 2-5 business days after your order is produced. 

What's the Return Policy?

Because our shades are custom made just for your windows, we are unable to provide refunds or replacements unless the product is found to be defective. In the case that the shade doesn’t fit due to an incorrect measurement we offer free adjustments with our Custom Fit Guarantee. We cover the shipping both ways including the return and replacement shipping. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll help you get your shade size corrected.

Measuring and Installation

How do I measure my windows?

Using a tape measure and a helper you should measure your window from side to side both at the top and bottom of the window. Use the smallest measurement to make sure that the shade will fit at each point within the window frame.

Can I install the shades myself?

Yes, our shades come with easy-to-follow instructions with durable snap-on brackets. Installation is much easier with a helper but possible by yourself as well. Our shades come with step by step straightforward instructions. To view the instructions, click the link below. You can also click on the link at the bottom of the page to see a quick video showing the process.

Install Instructions

What if I need help measuring my windows?

It's simple. Give us a call and we'll walk you through it. If you can hold a measuring tape you can do this.

Can I hire someone to install my shades for me?

Yes! Our shades are simple and straight forward to install. Most any handyman service is capable of installing our shades.


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