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Fabric Samples

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Not sure which fabric or color would look best in your space? Order a sample and we'll ship them right away for only $1.00 each. 

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Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you. Send us an email at for a prompt response or speak with a DIM Shades expert at +1 (435) 523-4344.

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DIM has meticulously selected and curated the finest, enduring fabrics. Our commitment to responsible sourcing ensures safety and sustainability. Rest assured whatever bespoke fabric you opt for, you can trust that your selection will deliver both aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance in your space.

Angela Rose Home
Solar Screen
Frequently Asked Sample Questions

What's the difference between 1% and 5% Solar Shade Fabric?

1% Solar Shade is similar to room darkening. It still allows light to pass through but still provides night time privacy. 5% Solar Shade is only light filtering and provides good privacy and shade during the day but some transparency at night.

What's the difference between light filtering and black out?

What's the difference between light filtering and black out. Light filtering blocks most outside light and provides an average level of privacy. Black out is room darkening and provides ultimate privacy.

What size are the sample swatches?

Fabric Sample Swatches are 5"X8". We recommend holding them up to the window that they will be used for to check translucency and true color.

Does blackout fabric block out all light?

Our black out fabric doesn't let any light through the fabric itself, however light comes through around the edges of the fabric and the edge of the window. Simple light blocking strips are available at many online stores to help block out the light around the edges of the shade for all light to be blocked out.

Sample Shipping

Sample Orders are shipped for free and typically via USPS the same day they are ordered. Orders over the weekend ship on Mondays.


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